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Here are some of the artists that we currently support and think you should listen to:


Hip Hop Based....

*Ya Boy--repping the BAY AREA, CA  [link]

*Scrilla C--reppin Sacramento, CA [link]

*San Quinn--reppin San Francisco, CA [link]

*Ether--repping  California [link] 

*Metal Mouth Records--reppin San Jose, CA [link]

* 7 Leaves--reppin the BAY AREA, CA [link]

 *Lil' Jordan--reppin the BAY AREA, CA [link]

*L.M.--reppin Houston, TX [link]

* Brandon Kane--reppin Los Angeles, CA [link]

* [new] The Cool Kids--reppin Illville, Illinois [link]

* [new] Little Brother--reppin  EL PASO, Texas [link]


 A Different Flavor... 

*Conway--reppin San Jose, CA [link]

*The Guilt Engine--reppin Tacoma, WA [link]

 *Steve Means--reppin Nashville, TN [link]

*Joshua Armstrong--reppin Sacramento, CA [link]



 Have a suggestion of who we should listen to? Email us at norizzleH@gmail.com.

Thanks Will for the [new] suggestions!