our goal

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The goal of this project is to share design, music, fashion and lifestyles with anyone and everyone. Hip Hop is a lifestyle that brings together many different groups of people; let's celebrate that! We want to know who you are, learn about new artists and share what we know with you. This is an open forum for sharing.


Our design aspect is engineering-based, but that doesn't mean that it's not fresh. norizz industries is the starting point for a future automotive engineering design company. We design innovative things, that may or may not already be in existence. We are inventive.

Our music is what we share with you. We are in the starting phases of becoming a record label. For now, we support new artists who represent our school of thought: work hard, party harder and give your fans good music to listen to. We want to introduce you to new artists who you might like. We are a sharing hub.

Our fashion is unique and fresh. We want to design clothes that fit anyone and look great. Our t-shirts are our trademark and will get the most attention as our fashion group grows. We want to make clothes that reflect who we are and our thoughts about what looks good. We also create custom designed slip-on shoes. These designs reflect an individual's personality. We are creative.

Our lifestyles are who we are. We celebrate all kinds of lifestyles and appreciate what brings people together, our differences. While our main community of members will probably be those who appreciate a hip hop lifestyle, we want to learn more about all kinds of people. We are a community.

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