nora the business professional

Nora's super powers: Operations Ninja * Process Engineer * Transforming Chaos to Clear Water

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Formally - engineer, entrepreneur, and philosopher

Naturally - artist and explorer who solves problems

Mechanical engineer and business professional by schooling, who is also guided by art and thought. I appreciate science and the logical process of solving a problem, while also greatly enjoy creative tasks. I design, create, test, break, re-design and optimize to find the best solution. I started when I was young - I took apart my parents’ VCR several times and always successfully put it back together in working order. This exploration led me to engineering: the act of learning how to solve problems with design.

I have been the bridge between technical and non-technical teams in all previous roles. I can speak with any group within a company and find a common understanding.

Life Outlook: thoughtful, open, detailed

Thought leadership can be defined as creating time to think about how to strategize (think) for saving time, money, efficiency - how to plan for solving a problem by asking questions. I make time daily to think through how to solve big problems and small problems.

I currently work in Service Operations, to provide a delightful experience to customers. My problem defining, thought process, and problem defining skills are deeply rooted in my excitement for engineering and philosophy.

Engineering and philosophy are like a hardcover book and a book sleeve - they belong together, and both subjects support each other, yet also reveal something different, when separated. Engineering teaches you how to evaluate a problem, create a plan by using facts, and execute a plan to arrive at a solution. Philosophy teaches you how to formulate targeted questions not to reach a concrete answer, but instead how to refine your question to arrive at a deeper question to see how concepts are connected.

I find connections in details - I solve problems by focusing on the details that often are ignored or forgotten. The world of business operations is focused on streamlining - eliminating problems, finding the source of a problem, and preventing a problem by designing software, processes, and documentation that can improve workflow. I appreciate thoughtful conversation with different groups in a company, in order to identify pain points, understand user behavior, and observe software challenges.

Promoting teamwork and creating teams is my specialty - I create successful teams from scratch, including all of the details to cover hiring people, defining processes, and selecting/configuring software. If you have an operations challenge, I want to be the person who connects multiple groups, to start the conversation about how to eliminate roadblocks by improving processes, software, and documentation.