who we are

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We are designers, engineers, scientists, friends, musicians on a mission to explore the opportunities for business. We may not have a lot of experience in the field of business, but we have a lot of heart to back up our adventurous idea of starting a company. Check out our team members:

Nora Hendrickson (norizz)

Founder and Inventive Genius.

norizz has been known amongst her friends as a hub of information, style and design; some call her the Bling Master. She has big goals of starting her own automotive car design company. She is smart, she studied Mechanical Engineering at Santa Clara University while also tapping into Philosophy. She's a thinker, she can solve problems independently or with a group. That's why she wanted to start this project, it's a project that she has always wondered about. While norizz may be the leader of this project she is always open to what those around her think and have to say.


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